Entrance Area Facilities

Entrance Area Facilities

A variety of amenities and activities await you in Denali National Park & Preserve. The Denali Visitor Center houses many interpretive displays to be enjoyed before heading to the shopping and dining facilities located on the Visitor Center Campus. Entrance Area shuttles provide access to the National Park Service Headquarters, Denali Bus Depot, Savage River, campgrounds, and other points of interest in Denali’s Front Country area.

You’ll find all the information needed to get around Denali National Park and Preserve with ease. Go ahead - start exploring now.

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Riley Creek Mercantile

Located 0.25 miles along the Denali Park Road, the Riley Creek Mercantile is the check-in location for all campgrounds. Upon arrival in Denali National Park, all visitors with campground reservations must check-in at either the Riley Creek Mercantile or Denali Bus Depot to obtain their camping permit and any purchased bus tickets before proceeding to their campground. In-person reservations for campgrounds and various buses may be made at the reservation desk.

The Riley Creek Mercantile is a camper convenience store offering firewood, ice, groceries, beer, wine, ice cream, and clothing. Paid laundry and showers are available (weather permitting). Free wireless internet is available under covered seating.

A RV dump/fill station is available for free to those camping inside Denali National Park.

Denali Bus Depot

Located 0.75 miles along the Denali Park Road, the Denali Bus Depot is the departure point for all Transit Buses and also a pick-up location for tour passengers ticketed to depart from here.  Although advance reservations are recommended, in-person ticketing for Transit, various tours, and all campground sites is available at the Denali Bus Depot.  Agents at the Denali Bus Depot can answer any questions you have about your trip.

Inside the Denali Bus Depot are the following:

  • Taiga Bean Coffee Shop: Offers fair trade Starbucks Coffee, sandwiches, and other grab and go snacks.
  • Tundra Browse: This small camper store and gift shop offers many items for last minute needs prior to heading on your tour, into the backcountry, or day trip on a Transit Bus. Raingear, sweatshirts, sunglasses, and many other items are available for purchase at Tundra Browse.

Denali Visitor Center Campus

The Denali Visitor Center Campus is located directly across from the train depot in Denali. The campus is home to the National Park Service’s Denali Visitor Center, featuring Heartbeats of Denali, a film playing hourly in Karstens Theatre. The Morino Grill, Denali Bookstore, and Baggage Claim facilities are located here to meet your dining and shopping needs.

The Denali Visitor Center is the primary visitor facility for Denali National Park & Preserve. Interpretive exhibits and ranger programs are provided throughout the summer for your enjoyment. Please visit the National Park Service website for more information.

Morino Grill

Located on the Visitor Center Campus, the Morino Grill is the only dining facility inside the park. The cafeteria-style eatery serves breakfast and lunch with dine-in and grab-and-go options available. Serving fares such as burgers, sandwiches, seafood chowder, hand-battered fish 'n' chips, wraps, salads, and fresh fruit, there is something for everyone at the Morino Grill. Gluten free and vegan options are also available.

The coffee stand at the Morino Grill serves coffee all day long. We proudly serve Starbucks coffee and will make you any espresso-based drink that you ask for if we have the ingredients. Bring your own reusable mug and save 10% on drip coffee.

Denali Bookstore

Located on the Visitor Center Campus, the Denali Bookstore offers an extensive collection of educational materials on the natural and cultural heritage of Denali.  Your purchase from the Denali Bookstore supports park interpretive programs and helps produce educational materials. The Denali Bookstore also offers a variety of Denali memorabilia to help you remember your experience for years to come.

Baggage Claim

Located on the Visitor Center Campus, Baggage Claim offers a secure place to store your bags and belongings while waiting for the train or traveling into the park for the day.  Baggage Claim is conveniently located next to the bus stop for all hotel courtesy transportation and the loading area for the Denali Dog Sled Demonstration buses.  Browse a selection of shirts, hats, and other souvenirs or grab some ice cream while you wait for a ride back to your hotel.

From mid-May through mid-September, Baggage Claim is the lost and found center for Denali National Park.  Lost and Found can be reached at 907.683.9275. Found items can be shipped to your home at your cost. Please note, the Baggage Claim phone number has no "after season" information or message machine.

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