A Great Way to Experience Denali National Park & Preserve!

For a day-trip, you are welcome to either start your bike ride at the park entrance or drive to Savage River and begin cycling farther into the park from there. Alternatively, you may buy tickets for a Transit Bus, ride the bus into the park, and get off at whatever point you choose to start cycling. This allows you to tailor just what parts of the Park Road you ride! Buses are limited to two bikes per bus, and not every shuttle is able to carry bikes.

Transit Bus Bike Racks

Please note that bikes such as fat tire, recumbent, tandem or motorized will not fit in the standard-size racks on Denali transit buses. "Standard size" in this case means up to a 29” tire, with a max tire width (without deflating) of 2.3." Be sure to bring your own pump in case you need to slightly deflate your tire to squeeze it into the rack. Accommodations for larger dimensions are sometimes available on a camper bus.

Bus Bike Accommodations

All Transit buses can accommodate up to two (2) bicycles. If you choose to reserve a bus in advance, please call our reservations line at 1.800.622.7275 and specify that you wish to bring bikes on your Transit bus. Advance reservations are recommended! Reservations are taken only for westbound buses (further into the Park). Eastbound travel by bus is on a first-come, first-served basis.

A ticket is required to board all buses, including eastbound (out of the park) travel.  Tickets must be purchased online or at the Denali Bus Depot.