Tour Information

Tour Information

Denali National Park Tour Information

Tour Turnaround Round Trip Adult Child* 2024 Operational Dates
Tundra Wilderness Tour Mile 43, East Fork Cabin 5-5.5 Hours $144.00 $64.50 May 20 - September 12
Toklat Tundra Wilderness Tour Mile 53, Toklat River 7-8 Hours N/A N/A Not offered in 2024
Teklanika Tundra Wilderness Tour Mile 30, Teklanika Rest Area 4 Hours N/A N/A Not offered in 2024
Denali Natural History Tour Mile 17, Primrose Ridge 4.5-5 Hours $116.25 $50.75 May 12 - September 19
Eielson Excursion Mile 66, Eielson Visitor Center 8-9 Hours N/A N/A Not offered in 2024
Kantishna Experience Mile 92, Kantishna - End of the Road 13 Hours N/A N/A Not offered in 2024

*A child ticket is for anyone 15 years of age and under.

All passengers, regardless of age, must have a reservation to board the bus.

Departure Times: The departure times for Tundra Wilderness Tours and the Denali Natural History Tour are different daily. Departure times are assigned two (2) days prior to your departure. Please self-check by click “Retrieve Reservations” on your confirmation email or at the bottom of this website to find your actual departure time. Simply provide the Itinerary number and your Last Name to retrieve this information. If you do not have your itinerary number, or cannot retrieve it, please call us at 1-800-622-7275. When booking, visitors must select AM or PM departure and a pick-up location. There are two general departure times daily: the AM departures leaving generally between 5:00am and noon, and the PM departures leaving generally between 12:00pm and 5:00pm. Individuals looking to take a tour bus on the same day as a train departure from Denali, please ensure to indicate in the note about your train departure when booking the tour.

Loading Information: Pick-up locations are at various hotels in the Denali area and the Denali Bus Depot located inside of the National Park. If you are unsure where you will be staying or which location to select, please select the Denali Bus Depot as your pick-up location.

Pick-up times are the same as departure times! Please arrive a minimum of 20 minutes prior to your pick-up time to avoid missing your bus. Buses will not be held for late passengers.

Parties Traveling Together: It is highly recommended that all parties traveling together book together on one reservation to prevent being split across multiple buses. This is the only method to guarantee not having the party split among different buses. If this is not possible, please ensure parties traveling together provide notes with each reservation - including the last names of all parties traveling together.

Car seat for children: For those traveling with younger children, please review the Alaska Car Seat Laws:

  • Children younger than 1 year of age or less than 20 pounds (9 kilograms) must be in a rear-facing infant seat.
  • Children 1 to 4 years old and at least 20 pounds (9 kilograms) must be in a child restraint.
  • Children 4 to 7 years old and are less than 57 inches (1.4 meters) tall or less than 65 pounds (30 kilograms) must be in a booster seat. Booster seats are no longer required for children ages 5-7 once they reach 57 inches (1.4 meters) tall or weigh 65+ pounds (30 kilograms).

Parents are responsible for providing the appropriate car seat.

Entrance Fees: All adult tickets include a $15 per adult entrance fee required to enter the park. This fee is automatically included in all adult tour ticket prices listed above. Visitors with a valid National Park Service pass may request a refund at the Denali Bus Depot. Refunds are processed on an in-person basis only. For more information please visit

Cancellations/Changes: There is a $8.25 fee per ticket and per tour to change or cancel a reservation up to seven (7) days prior to departure. Tickets are nonrefundable within seven (7) days of departure.
What to bring: Bring warm clothes and rain gear, camera, binoculars, and personal medication as necessary. Depending on your length of tour, visitors may also want to bring additional food and water. No food or water is available for purchase once the tour is underway.

Restrooms: Restroom stops occur every 60-90 minutes. There are no restrooms aboard the buses.

Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible buses are only available upon request when you make your reservation. Wheelchair buses are for those passengers who are fully confined to a wheelchair. Please make a reservation via phone (800-622-7275) and inform the reservation agent of the wheelchair bus need. For those visitors who are not confined to a wheelchair and can go up and down the stairs of a bus, but are unable to walk longer distances, courtesy wheelchairs are available at every stop for your convenience. All stops are wheelchair accessible.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted aboard any bus. Receptacles are provided at rest areas in designated smoking areas.

Alcohol: Alcohol consumption is not permitted aboard any bus.

Firearms: A passenger/visitor may not possess a firearm on board a Tour Bus. These include the Tundra Wilderness Tours, Denali Natural History Tour, Eielson Excursion and Kantishna Experience buses.

For more information about firearms in Denali National Park & Preserve, visit the National Park Service at