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In an effort to preserve the fragile ecosystem of Denali National Park and Preserve, the National Park Service has limited access on Park Road for private vehicles. Designed for those who want to experience Denali off the bus (hiking and camping), Transit buses offer transportation inside Denali National Park similar to a bus system you’d find in a larger city. These buses are not guided tours and offer no narration. Please visit our Denali Tour Experience page for guided tour options.

How does it work?

The Denali Transit Buses provide a “hop on/hop off” system for those looking to experience Denali National Park and Preserve on their own timeline. However, reservations to enter the park are made for a specific departure time so please arrive a minimum of 20 minutes early at the Denali Bus Depot prior to your reserved departure time to board the bus. Once your bus is underway and has left the paved section of the roadway, passengers can “hop on/hop off” at their discretion by simply requesting to be let off the bus. To catch another bus, simply stand anywhere along the Denali Park Road in the direction in which you wish to travel, then wave down any green bus. If the first bus is full, you and your party will have to wait until the next bus. Transit buses are green buses and will have a sign which indicates the destination of the bus is heading. Buses generally run about every 30 minutes on average. Transit Bus Schedules can be found here (

After making an online reservation, you will receive an e-mail confirmation which lists your departure date and time. Once you arrive in Denali National Park & Preserve, take your e-mail confirmation to the Denali Bus Depot to pay the park entrance fee and receive your bus ticket. Agents at the Denali Bus Depot can answer any final questions you have about your trip. You may obtain your tickets days in advance to avoid the hustle on your trip day.

For rates, operational dates, and important information for booking all Transit buses, please click here.

East Fork (4.5 hours roundtrip)

The East Fork area offers access to the East Fork River for hiking in multiple directions. Enjoy scenic views and wildlife viewing opportunities while traveling over Sable Pass to reach this destination. This half-day bus trip is perfect for those looking to spend time hiking in the backcountry of Denali National Park and Preserve! Buses depart multiple times each day. Reservations are for specific departure times.

Toklat River - (Not offered in 2024)

Toklat River is an area of merging glacial rivers and towering cliffs. Dall Sheep are often seen on the steep rocky hillsides and grizzlies sometimes graze the riverbed’s soapberries or grassy hillsides. The Toklat River Transit bus offers you the opportunity to experience Denali’s vast wilderness on your own terms – crossing riverbeds, taiga and tundra – and introducing you to Denali’s more unique attractions. The Transit bus for Toklat River departs daily, offering a convenient and shorter trip into the park.

Eielson Visitor Center - (Not offered in 2024)

This is our most popular Transit bus! On a clear day, the Eielson Visitor Center Transit bus into the park offers outstanding views of Denali and the Alaska Range, and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. Opened in June 2008, the completely reconstructed Platinum LEED certified Eielson Visitor Center was three years in the making. The sustainable building and interpretive exhibits are well worth the visit. Take a self-guided hike on the trails around the visitor center or join National Park Service Rangers for daily guided walks.

Wonder Lake - (Not offered in 2024)

Created by retreating glaciers, Wonder Lake offers visitors stunning views of Denali and the Alaska Range, as weather permits. Along the Denali Park Road, alder and willow carpeted hills are dotted with kettle ponds often frequented by waterfowl and other wildlife.

Reflection Pond, a popular photo stop on a clear day, requires a Kantishna Transit Bus or hiking 2.5 miles from the Wonder Lake bus stop.

Kantishna - (Not offered in 2024)

The Kantishna District was a mining community formed during the early 1900's. Now Kantishna is primarily a destination for guests visiting the privately owned Kantishna lodges and serves as an access point for backcountry campers. Kantishna is truly the "End of the Road" within Denali National Park & Preserve.

For those looking for a guided trip to the end of the road, be sure to explore our Kantishna Experience Tour to complement your Denali National Park & Preserve adventure. The Kantishna Experience is the only tour to feature an Interpretive Ranger from the National Park Service.

Camper Bus

The Camper Buses are for campers staying beyond Savage River Campground. Our Camper Buses are designed for the unique needs of campers. The back seats have been removed to enable additional space to handle backpacks, camping gear, and bicycles. Because fewer seats are available, camper bus seats are reserved for non-vehicle campers and backcountry backpackers only. Camper Bus tickets are valid during campers’ entire stay at the campground or in the backcountry. The bus may be utilized on a space-available basis to any location in Denali National Park & Preserve west of Savage River. 

Camper Buses are reservable in-person or by calling 800-622-7275. They are not available online.

Discovery Hike

The Discovery Hike Transit bus is available exclusively for visitors who have registered for the National Park Service Discovery Hike at the Denali Visitor Center. The Discovery Hike is an Interpretive Ranger-guided day-hike, designed to introduce visitors to hiking in Denali’s backcountry. Not available for signing up on the day of the trip. Advanced in-person registration is required.

For more information on Discovery Hikes, please visit the National Park Service at

For rates, operational dates, and important information for booking all Transit buses, please click here.