Camper Bus

Camper Bus

Bus Information

Operating Dates June 1, 2018 - September 13, 2018

The Camper Buses are for campers who are staying at one of six Denali National Park & Preserve Campgrounds. Our Camper Buses are designed for the unique needs of campers. The back seats have been removed to enable additional space to handle backpacks, camping gear, and bicycles. Because fewer seats are available, camper bus seats are reserved for campers and backcountry backpackers only. Camper Bus tickets are valid during campers’ entire stay at the campground. The bus may be utilized on a space-available basis to any location in Denali National Park & Preserve.

Bus Details

Pickup and Schedule Camper Buses pick up guests at Riley Creek Campground Bus Shelter prior to going to the Wilderness Access Center (WAC). It always departs 5 minutes before the scheduled hour, 6:55, 10:55, 1:55 and 3:55 (peak operating season). Camper Buses proceed to Denali Visitor Center (DVC) Bus Stop after departing Wilderness Access Center (WAC) More information on our Camper Bus Shuttles can be found at the Wilderness Access Center, Denali Visitor Center, or the Riley Creek Mercantile when checking in for your campsite.
Pick-up Requests Campground pick-up requests can be made at Wilderness Access Center when checking in for your campsite. More information regarding shuttle pick up times can be found on the schedule postings at each bus stop.
Biker Info.

Those wishing to take a bike into the park for a daytrip or overnight trip may ride on Park Road. Camper Buses can only accommodate two bicycles and these spaces must be reserved in advance.

Backpacker Info. Upon arrival in Denali, backcountry backpackers should make Camper Bus reservations at Wilderness Access Center. You will need to obtain a Backcountry Permit from the National Park Service Backcountry Information Center before purchasing your bus ticket.
Gear Loading & Unloading

Passengers are responsible for loading and unloading their own gear. Doyon/Aramark is not responsible for lost or damaged gear.

Camper Bus Ticket Prices

Adult $40.00
Children (Ages 15 and younger) FREE

*Advance Reservations Highly Recommended